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Health control - driver's state control software based on complex data analytics.


Individual driver's Health control

  • Individual driver's Health control
    Prevent dangerous states

    Complex real time analytics allows detecting drowsy, fatigue, drunk or normal condition.

  • Current state monitoring
    Current state monitoring

    The system allows the driver to see the current state.

  • SOS button
    SOS button

    Instant notification to the dispatcher.

  • Full compatibility
    Full compatibility

    Health Control supports all available fitness-trackers.

responsive devices for monitoring health

Personal WEB Console

  • Accurate information in real time
    Accurate information in real time

    Personal WEB Console provides detailed information about the state of each driver in real time.

  • Real time notifications
    Real time notifications

    If the state of the driver goes to dangerous the dispatcher will be notified.

  • Driver health ratings
    Driver health ratings

    Each driver has health ratings* based on continuous analytics of the full history of the driver's activity and state.

  • Full history
    Full history

    The whole history of each driver's state is stored and available in anytime.

responsive devices


SEDNA is developed specially for approving or refutations of 2 states: drowsiness or drunkenness. The working principals: SEDNA asks logical answers or simple mathematical equations and analyzing the driver’s answers and his manner of reply.

  • Driver's Speaking Assistant (SEDNA)

    As soon as the dangerous state is detected - SEDNA starts the dialogue with the driver.

sedna mobile
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